Download Apps From PC To Phone Using an APK Dwonloader

Before I get you to the bottom of this article, you must first know what are APK files and why should you download such files. APK files stands for Application Package files. APK files are meant for smartphones, and the most famous smartphones these days are, of course, Android phones. The rationale behind the APK is because all of us wanted to make use of our Android phones to the best version of it, aside from texting and calling. All Android phones comes with a pre-installed APKs, thus, users can easily install and use apps without having hassle. But, there are instances where the application does not belong to the Android market. This time, you will already face a big problem.

Downloading an Android app and see that the app is not available on your device is probably one of the most disappointing things ever, and for sure, a lot of us have encountered that scenario. Some of us don't even have a Google play app on our device, and that's even more frustrating. In that case, you still need to download the android APK files on the computer before you could transfer it to your mobile phone. But we can't deny that there's tons of website that allows downloading APK files, although they don't have assurance with regards to security.

But now, there are tools that give you an opportunity to easily download apks files from your source directly to your device or even directly to your computer. All you have to do is just search for an APK downloader. After you have found an APK downloader, you just need to put the name of the app that you want to download, or just simply copy the URL of the app and paste it. Once, you have pasted the URL, just simply download it by clicking the download button. Just wait for a few moments and your APK app will be ready for download. To prevent your device from piracy, just download applications from your most trusted app store. Because this is a web based tool, you can do the whole process using any browser, it doesn't matter what device you are using.

There are times, where the application is already updated, thus, this becomes a reason for your smartphone to crash, which means, the updated app is most likely not functional anymore. Because you can't return back to the non-updated version and since there are no way you can do that, then, you are forced to uninstall the updated app and just search for the old version. Sometimes, the old version is no longer available in the Android market, so, this is the time for you to request and look for an APK file.

For alternative use, you can also try installing and game killer apk downloader into your most trusted browser, in that way, you don't have to go to the APK downloader's website every time you want to download an APK file.

Once downloaded your desired APK file, transfer your downloaded APK file into your device through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi file transfer or USB cable so that you can now manually install your app. Watch this video at and know more about APK.